Is Winten really fair?
- Yes, the whole game process is controlled by Ethereum Smart Contract.
- Any party can verify the contract, as well as check any transaction to make sure that neither Winten nor the attackers affect the results.

How to start playing?
- To play you need to install the extension Metamask in your browser (Google Chrom, Firefox, Opera, Brave)
- Then, you can connect to an existing wallet through Metamask or create a new wallet and send Ether there.

What will happen if I send a smaller or larger bet than it is stated in the rules?
- The smart contract will not accept your transaction and your money will stay with you.

I'm trying to make a request for participation and send Eth, but the smart contract does not accept it.
- We have two types of games and, although they have the same principle, they have differences in game time, compensation, and the rules for sending Eth coins.
- Please, read the rules of the game and sending coins before participating in the game.

I read the rules and sent the required amount, but my bet is still not accepted.
- If several bets were sent at the same time, then the smart contract accepts the first transaction that was processed and rejects the rest, - if they do not comply with the new changed rules. After sending, we advise you to check your transaction through the address of the contract on

Tell me, if I send funds to the smart contract of the game directly through Mist, will it be protected?
- Yes, if your amount corresponds to the current rules, you can use any wallet that supports Ethereum to send funds.

The game is over, but I did not receive compensation for some reasons.
- The smart contract will automatically send you compensation as soon as any player makes the first bet and the next round begins. This is due to the peculiarities of the Solidity language for writing smart contracts. If you want to receive compensation on an urgent basis, send 0.00 eth.

If you want to receive compensation immediately, you or any other player can send 0.00 Eth to the address of the contract and then the smart contract will send compensation to the loser player.

If you have additional questions, you can always ask them in our Telegram group.